Decide where you want your business to go and let Five Dog Solutions get you there.  Five Dog Solutions is a locally owned Amarillo Online Marketing company that is built on the idea of helping your online business grow. Five Dog Solutions specializes in performance web design and social media marketing.   

Increasing the right traffic to your website.
If you are interested in increasing visits to your current website or updating your current website by using outstanding SEO, Five Dog Solutions can look at the structure and design of your website and improve the overall success of your website traffic and rankings, bringing more potential customers to you.  Getting a number one ranking in Google page rankings is what 98% of clients get with Five Dog Solutions.

The key to getting a website to be the most relevant search in Google is to specifically say who you are, what you do, and show why you do it. Being on the first page of Google searches requires having knowledge of your business.  Getting to know who the key players are and defining where your business wants to go is the first step on the 2nd tier of the Five Dog Solutions process of success for your business.

Your adventure, we are just guiding you to your goal.
“Describe your adventure, and I will fly the plane to get you there,” says Buck Buckley, owner and webmaster at Five Dog Solutions.  The team at Five Dog Solutions includes members who are specialized in  SEO, web designing, content writing, and social media.  These members are available to answer all your questions concerning the process in designing or changing your website, deciding on keywords, queries, social scrubbing, visuals and photos, demographics and other questions you may have. Professionals at Five Dog Solutions work hard behind your webpage to make sure that Google can read the information so as to raise your brand awareness, increase leads and keep your impression on the first page of Google.  

Tell us where to go and let us do the technical work to get you there..

51% Of People Discover New Businesses On Their Phone

In summary, while word count is an important factor to consider in SEO, it's just one piece of the puzzle. It's important to focus on creating high-quality, valuable content that meets the needs of your target audience, while also optimizing for keywords and other SEO factors.

A query is a term or phrase that a person types into Google search. The key to getting your website to be the most relevant to what people search for in Google is to accurately say who you are, describe what you do, and show why you do it. Five Dog Solutions can’t dictate what people are searching for but we can see what they are searching and by using the client namesake and keywords, we can get them on the first page. By getting your business on the first impression page of Google, your ratio to click-throughs (CTR) is improved. Thus, improving your business.

Language and how people search is very important.
Knowing what is being searched for and guiding those searches to your business website is what Five Dog Solutions does best. “Keeping an eye on the ‘tequila party’ behind the scenes,” is how owner Buck Buckley describes his job. Buckley can develop your website with Google connections and explain all the back-end work that goes on in order to make sure that your website stays current and relevant in the search query. Google determines many ways in which to return a certain site. Up to 10,000 factors determines where you land on the search engine result pages. Buckley can track up to 16 months to see what has been searched in the Amarillo area and keep your website up to date to meet all the potential clients you will have.

Relevant Keywords from the searchers perspective.
Keywords play an important part in designing a website.  The best way to get your website to the top of Google is to make your web page the most relevant.  Google wants to keep their users happy so they won’t use Bing, Yahoo, or another search engine.  The experts at Five Dog Solutions can determine what clicks get more traffic and guide the user to your site and not leave you for another page.  

10,000 factors to determine where to rank one page of your website.

How many factors does Google use to place your page in the site rankings?
Google uses over 10k factors to rank your webpage. Five Dog Solutions can collect all this information in the background of your website through your details such as mobile devices, desktop computers and even Google maps. These resources are valuable when trying to grow your business.  Five Dog Solutions works diligently on a daily basis to keep up with Google tracking to impress Google, the user and our client.

Digital Marketing is the future.
Your website is a living, breathing place to grow your business. At Five Dog Solutions, we work to build your business on what people want in their life by looking for new, comprehensive ways to create new leads for your business through information technology and trending searches for keywords. Contact Five Dog Solutions to get started.

If you want to get your business noticed, make it mobile-friendly. Google will expect your website to work on mobile, and you’ll improve your SEO by having a fast, mobile-friendly website (and you’ll attract new customers).

Are you in the market for a marketing company to help with the marketing efforts of your business? Are you unsure about what questions you need to ask the marketing company before you hire them?

Questions for any marketing team.
1. How Does the Marketing Team Measure Success?
2. What Services or How Much of the Work Will Get Outsourced?
3. What Is Its Expertise in Digital Services?
4. What Project Management Tools Does the Company Use?
5. How Does the Company Deliver or Report Data?
6. How Often Do You Have to Meet With the Digital Marketing Company?
7. What’s Included in the Contract With the Marketing Agency?
8. Can the Company Work for Performance-Based Compensation?
9. When Can You Expect to See the Results of Its Services?
10.  What Brand of Marketing Does the Company Use for Content Marketing?
11. How Does the Company Build Audience Personas?
12. Will the Company’s Strategy Reflect Your Brand Message?
13. Does the Company Have References? Who Are Some Previous Clients?