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We will crawl your site with the most advanced tools for SEO design and corrections. Determining your over all SEO score. Based on several factors, your score will show us the over all health of your site and allow us to work up a project of corrections to allow a better ranking factor.

We will check your monthly organic traffic. Looking at the area you are in and determining the amount of traffic that should be capture with your key words and targeted demographics. To insure you are in the correct categories. Adjusting the need to be in other searches by adding or adjusting search terms and keywords.

We will analyzing the keyword most found on the site to insure your descriptions to Google and correct and what you want to show potential clients. Increasing your keywords with the strategy of who and how you want clients brought to your site, how you want them to inter act and what is your return on conversions.

We will also check your backlinks to make sure you are connect to the best backlinks that are applicable to your sites products and services.

Look at your over all issues for your site.

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