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Applying the best website design and SEO techniques is something that we all strive to achieve, but as with most things, it is usually easier said than done. The information out there for website design and SEO in Amarillo can seem endless, and it continually evolves as new platforms are created and become important. However, there are a few basics that you can always go back to, and Five Dog Solutions in Amarillo, Texas can provide you with a list to help you get started. 

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of creating and using the most relevant, authoritative content in a way that helps find answers to key questions. Search Engine Optimization is the art of aligning a website with two audiences in mind, Google’s search engine bot, and humans. The goal of achieving SEO on any given webpage is to enhance the quality of your content, so search engines will select to list your content within search results. This will increase the quantity of traffic that your web content receives from search engines each day. The team at Five Dog Solutions can do this.

When you have website design and SEO in Amarillo, keyword research is going to be a big part of the process. You want to make sure search engines find you as well as customers, and you have to incorporate relevant keywords in a way that is natural. The best way to do this is to look at multiple resources from keyword research tools to organic methods such as looking at the questions and phrases people use in the forums within your niche. Five Dog Solutions in Amarillo, Texas are experts at finding the right keywords to reach who you need to reach.

Why the need for SEO?

Google handles about 2 trillion searches a year. There are 31,536,000 seconds in a year. That is over 40,000 searches per second. That’s a lot of places to be found. How do you manage to be found when you didn't even know you were lost? The answer is easy, SEO with Five Dog Solutions in Amarillo, Texas.

Search engines have changed over the years putting a greater focus on new technologies and social areas. According to Forrester Research Report the average firm should allocate 30% to marketing in the 2016 year and up to 35% in 2019. Target marketing should be the key to your marketing strategy. Your customers expect to find you, when they search for you. This is a concept you can’t afford to ignore. The webmasters at Five Dog Solutions can help you be found.

Simplify the Web Design

Whether you have a new website design that you are getting off the ground or you have had the same business website for over a decade, you need to pay close attention to how you are using your SEO white space and that you have enough of it. Five Dog Solutions in Amarillo, Texas can help you evaluate and decide what needs to be optimized and what works best for your business so you can reach the customers that need you by taking a look at your SEO Amarillo.

With a website design and SEO that has not been updated in ten or so  years, you can go through and get rid of the parts that are not significant anymore. Maybe the picture on the About Page is from a holiday party five years ago and staff has changed, or perhaps navigation is troubling because you give customers too many choices instead of guiding them to the conversion seamlessly with simple options.

Let Five Dog Solutions in Amarillo, Texas review your website design, evaluate your SEO and look at successful sites to get a better idea of how yours should flow. By taking a look at the competitor analysis and the list of keywords and analytical reports you will be able to comply with Google standards and rank on the first page with all your SEO in all search engines.

Identify Your Audience 

One of the most important aspects of website design and SEO is identifying your audience and the reason they are visiting you. Once you learn what your audience wants, you can deliver the online experience that keeps them coming back to you. The SEO landscape is constantly evolving. Make sure your website and your search marketing strategies evolve along with it. And if you need guidance, get the professionals involved! Five Dog Solutions is available to help you help your customers.

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