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Website Design is the process of choosing the best layout for our clients.

What is web site design?

A website is built to tell a story. It is important to include the right layout, structure, and content when you design your site. Five Dog Solutions in Amarillo, Texas can help tell your story to your target audience in their language and answer all their questions quickly to showcase your business. 

The highly specialized team at Five Dog Solutions is always looking for new comprehensive ways to create websites by using colors and graphics to keep clients interested. Five Dog Solutions web designers can include other features to make your website easy to navigate and continue to update trending searches by using keywords that are relevant to your business. Consistently checking loading times and having dependable links help boost site rankings. Higher site rankings lead to more traffic and more traffic can lead to more money for your business. The better your design, the better you can tell your story. 

Do you have an objective for your web site?

If you go into the web design process without knowing what the objective of your site is, then you are going to find yourself at a loss of what to put on the page. Five Dog Solutions in Amarillo, Texas can help you decide a clear purpose for your web site design and help make your marketing strategy successful. Whether you are creating a website design for your start-up business or you are getting ready to revamp your dated one, Five Dog Solutions will help you get on the right track by providing you with ideas that will give your business its unique story on the web. The team at Five Dog Solutions includes members who are specialized in SEO, web designing, content writing, and socials that include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. These members are available to answer all your questions concerning the process in designing or changing your website, deciding on keywords, queries, social scrubbing, visuals and photos, demographics and other questions you may have.

Who is your target audience?

The first step to any successful web site design is to identify your target audience and learn more about what they search for and the words they use to find the goods and services they want. Five Dog Solutions in Amarillo, Texas can help you find your target audience and even segment them further to give them a more personalized experience while on your web site. Knowing what is being searched for and guiding those searches to your business website is what the experts at Five Dog Solutions do best.  “Keeping an eye on the ‘tequila party’ behind the scenes,” is how owner Buck Buckley describes his job. Buckley can develop your website with Google connections and explain all the back-end work that goes on in order to make sure that your website stays current and relevant in the search query. Google determines many ways in which to search for a certain site. Buckley can track up to 16 months to see what has been searched in the Amarillo area and keep your website up to date to meet all the potential clients you will have.

Why SEO and why is it important?

While your brain may be stuck on the web design aspects of your project, such as colors, logos, and content, you should also have a solid SEO strategy in place. Five Dog Solutions uses Search Engine Optimization as the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. Without an online presence, which includes a website and social media profiles, you will be invisible to the new generation that has never opened a phone book. You can find almost anything on the Internet and your company should be among those relevant results in those searches. Five Dog Solutions can make you visible and relevant by making sure images and text are optimized for both desktops and the mobile web and that you have a responsive web design. And by staying up to date and ahead of your competitors Five Dog Solutions will keep your story in front of relevant clients in the Amarillo area. 

Your website is a living, breathing place to grow your business.  At Five Dog Solutions, we work to build your business on what people want in their life by looking for new, comprehensive ways to create new leads for your business through information technology and trending searches for keywords. Contact Five Dog Solutions in Amarillo, Texas to get started.   

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