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Website Design AmarilloWhy you need a website designed by Five Dog Solutions.


Five Dog Solutions offers a basic website design package that includes the bare necessities of a website. These bare necessities include a homepage, about the company page or a services page, and a contact page. Five Dog Solutions will sit down with you to get the information from you that should go onto the pages, but the content will not be equipped with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.


By choosing the website design package, you will be able to get an online presence for your company. But the basic website alone without all of the value added features of a performance website design will not get you to the number one ranking in Google’s search engine. Getting an online presence is a start to the online marketing aspect of bringing in more business to your website.


What are the website design packages?


Even though the website design package only includes three pages for your website, there is always the chance that you will be found in the search engine results. However, if you would like to consistently be found on the front page of Google, and especially be found on the number one result, then you could choose to upgrade to the performance website design plans that will allow you this opportunity. With performance websites comes many more opportunities to be found by new customers that you could turn into life-long clients.


Just like the website design package is a starting point to your online marketing strategy, the basic website is the start to the other website packages. The performance website design package includes your website that is equipped with SEO among other tools that will increase the leads that are going to your website.


The basic website design package is the starting point for the performance website design with social media marketing plan as well. This package ties in your social media profiles to your website to increase the leads that are going to see your active presence on social media and be directed back to your website to turn into potential customers.


The last website package that is offered by Five Dog Solutions is called the Big Dog Package. This package takes the performance website design with social media marketing package and completes everything within 30 days. If you are wanting a performance website that can be launched within a very short time frame, then this is the plan for you.


Choosing a website design company in Amarillo is a click away.


There are a lot of aspects to consider when deciding what to do about a website for your company. If you are having a difficult time making a decision, contact Five Dog Solutions to make an appointment. Five Dog Solutions will help you make that decision and will work with you to get the online presence that you are wanting for your company.

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