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Your web design is a powerful marketing tool that can turn a browser into a buyer. Often, this is the primary goal of the business that invests in a web design. However, getting those conversions isn’t always as easy as it may sound, and there is a lot of trial and error that comes with it. Here we look at a few web design tips that will turn those browsers into buyers, and they will keep them coming back to you for services in the future.


Clear Navigation


Remember that it is your job to guide people to the purpose of visiting your site, and a clean web design with a clear purpose for navigation will make that possible. You don’t have to give people a million options to click on, but instead you should make it simple for them. If your goal is for them to schedule an appointment at your hair salon, you should not send them off the page to a tutorial for cutting their own bangs on a different website.


Of course, you want to be a resource for them, but you don’t want those resources to be a distraction. For the example above, you can have a quick contact form on each page for appointments, a portfolio to showcase your work, and services listed. If you want a blog to improve SEO, you can do this as well, but be sure you aren’t sending people to other sites and that each post is designed to get them to fill out the contact form and make an appointment.


Access to Customer Services


One reason some people choose not to buy from your web design company is because they do not see any way to speak with a physical person in case they need help with things like troubleshooting or if they have other questions. Offer access to customer service and make sure you have this clearly listed so that people can reach out and call. Sometimes all they need is little more information to convert, and if you are not able to give it to them, trust that your competitors will be.


Secure Checkout


You have to show web visitors that you have a secure checkout because more and more people are taking precautions when making purchases online. Take the time to get the professionals involved to ensure you have the best security, particularly if you are gathering personal information such as credit card and social security numbers, addresses, and other sensitive data. Whether people are buying a product on your site or they are paying for a dental appointment, you should have security badges visible and alternative ways to pay if they do not want this information being sent via online forms.


Bonuses and Discounts


While you don’t want to give everything away, by having a specials board on your website, providing discounts to your email list, or having a social media contest will engage people more and bring them to your site. Being able to save a little money can help that browser become a buyer, and once they have had a positive experience, they are more likely to come back without needing a discount.


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