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Re-engage older clients.


It is as easy as shaking someones hand to let them know you have updated your product or have specials they might enjoy. If you have expanded your business to cover new areas, does your existing clients know or are you waiting for them to come back? Re-engage and tell them about your new or extended products or services. Maintenance reviews and additions. Part of your Online Marketing is Email Marketing.


Get your new product out.


You have sold the product and not you are finished with your client. You have their money and nothing else can be done. Wrong! Any new products should be place in front of your client in a way to re-engage them. They are already sold on your brand, show them more wares and goods. Engage new clients with your products. Be careful, there are specific ways to accomplish this. Let us help


Restart your relationships.


If your clients have not heard from you in a year, think of all the things they are missing. Is it because they don't know or no one has taken the time to talk to them? Restart you relationships with your old clients. Find out if they liked the product and would recommend it for other to use? These are useful in reviews and testimonials. You sold them once, don't loose them now.


Email Marketing.


  • Do you take email addresses from your clients?
  • Are you using those emails to stay in touch with new products?
  • Emails are a personal way to re-engage with older clients.
  • Drop them a line to say you miss them or thank you for their purchase.
  • Email lists that you have created are a huge value to re-market.
  • Gathering the email list took time and effort. Put them to use.

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