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It’s no secret anymore that quality web site design increases the value and legitimacy of your business. After all, it has become the primary way that you reach consumers and market your services to them. Whether you are creating a web site design for your start-up business or you are getting ready to revamp your dated one, a checklist can be the ideal way to get you on the right track. While each individual or business is unique in their goals, here we have provided you with a few boxes that should be checked off your list.


Identify Your Target Audience


The first step to any successful web site design is going to be to identify your target audience and learn more about what they search for and the words they use to find the goods and services they want. Once you have found your target audience in a broad sense, you can then segment them even further to give them a more personalized experience.


For example, let’s say you own an outdoor store filled with hiking, camping, and kayaking gear. You can gain a broad sense of outdoorsy people to market to. But, you can also segment your audience into those that hike occasionally on the trail for an afternoon and those that plan weeklong hiking and camping journeys.


Being able to choose products and services that make sense for these two different categories will not only help them because the information you send them is more individualized, but it also helps you get more out of your marketing plan.


Choose the Objectives of Your Web Site Design


If you go into the web design process without knowing what the objective of your site is, then you are going to find yourself at a loss of what to put on the page. Or you might put so much on the site design that it becomes cluttered and tough to navigate. Have a thoughtful and clear purpose for your web site design beforehand, and the entire process will be easier and your marketing strategy will be more successful.


Design an SEO Strategy


While your brain may be stuck on the web design aspects of your project, such as colors, logos, and content, you should also have a solid SEO strategy in place. Make sure images and text are optimized for both desktops and the mobile web and that you have a responsive web design. Also, make sure you using the best practices for local SEO if you are targeting specific locations. This is helpful for many businesses such as landscapers, plumbers, restaurants, salons, and more.


Market the Launch Date


If you are updating or launching a new website, then make sure to market the occasion. Let people know to come by and check you out so that you get started the right way. You can advertise a coupon to those that sign up for your newsletter and run a sweepstakes to get customers involved and to show appreciation. Make sure you take this opportunity to get in front of your customers and make the most out of web design.

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