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The structure of your website and how it affects SEO

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The structure of your website and how it affects SEO 
The structure of your website is an important tool used by Google to determine the prime pages of your website among many others. The more the content on the site- in the form of blog posts or product listings, the more cluttered the website is going to appear which affects your Google rankings directly because the search engine does not find the keywords required for optimisation easily.
By structuring your content you are designing a pathway for Google
For Google, their user convenience is their priority; rightfully so for a search engine priding itself on knowing exactly how and where to find what. Using the keywords that the search engines users mostly type in to search information on, Google provides them with a list of sites arranged as per relevance. For your website to be considered as relevant by the search engine, the core information that is being searched by the user should be placed separately, in a page or category that stands out so that Google identifies the same. It is simple- if Google can easily find the exact information it is looking for in your website, it assumes that the users can as well. Hence it puts such well structured and accessible websites on top of its list.
Your site structure lets every single content be prioritised accordingly.
By developing a good internal structure for your website, you ensure that Google knows which pages you actually want to rank on top in Google and which you don’t. Suppose you are a company selling a product A. You are going to be having descriptions, uses, advantages, cautions and so much more information about A on your site. But your priority is to sell A to the customer and hence the page that does this is your priority.
Through site structuring Google knows, this page is your priority.


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