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Online Marketing in Amarillo by Five Dog Solutions

  • Google controls 87% of the world search market.
  • World wide
  • Bing, Yahoo, etc. follow in Google's footsteps.


  • Your website is only 10% of what you need on the internet.
  • Website Design
  • Colors
  • Layout
  • Misconception a website is all you need.


At least 2500 Feeds x(N)


  • One feed could contain as many as 500 more users.
  • 2500 can quickly turn into 10,000 potential clients.


Architecture of your social blasts


  • Do not social blast an item that the interested people can not land on in your website.
  • If you blast or talk about an item or a targeted group, make sure the page they land on in your website is talking about the exact same thing. You do not want a disconnect from the social interest to the website discussion.


Lead Generation


  • Visitors sign up for a listing for more information
  • Visitors fill in a form to ask a question about a product or services
  • Visitors fill in the form to start a conversation about your company and what you can do for them.


  • 51% of Internet users are accessing the net by mobile devices.
  • Mobile Phone, Tablet, etc.
  • Web design has a comprehensive mobile strategy.


Social Media coupled with branding.


  • Google +                    500 Followers Minimum
  • LinkedIn                     500 Followers Minimum
  • Facebook                   500 Followers Minimum
  • Twitter                       500 Followers Minimum
  • Pinterest                    500 Followers Minimum
  • Instagram                  500 Followers Minimum
  • YouTube                     500 Followers Minimum


Social Blasts


  • Social Calendar
  • 52 Weeks in a year. We plan out your social calendar as far in advance as possible up to a year.
  • We send the blast through your social feeds to be viewed by your followers.
  • Industry standard on conversions are about 2.5%
  • When filtering up to 10,000 PCL a 2.5% conversion is great.


Landing Page Construction


  • A Landing page is a page og your website setup to convert your PCL to clients. Buying or signing up.
  • Make sure your landing pages are clear and to the point of what you want them to do.
  • Product related
  • Service related
  • Forms and product placement.


Lead Nurturing and the 27 Minuet Window


  • When someone fills out a form (conversion) on your website, optimal time to respond is 27 minuets.
  • The longer you take to respond to the request the more they will have cooled off the question.
  • Five Dog Solutions Monitors the leads and tries to return at least a 27 min. window.















Of What Your Needs Online

Directory Structure - Architecture


  • Show authority to Google. Let them know you are the best solutions to the questions.
  • Make sure you are indexable and Google can understand what your website is about.
  • Take your subject by storm and put some content to back what you say.